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Sneakie Rabbit Email
June 1, 2012

Amazing group quality and understanding of what family I'd. Happy to know all the one's I do. So today I say salute to the bruhs kisses to you all past present and future. @kellie5000 kinyata25/Facebook

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Sharronica Walker 
Sept 25, 2011

Hey Crew!! I just want you all to know that I love the Wrecking Crew because its in my blood.  My father is Daryl "Snake" Kent Sr. and my brother is Daryl Kent Jr. Aka D-man!!! He is in the army and doing it big!! I LOVE DMAN with all my soul!! Warren Crimiel Aka Crewshall is the love of my life and I cant thank God enough for him! I am very proud to be called First Family.  I love my black and grey family!!

April 22, 2011

What 's been up CREW? I know i have been out of the loop for a while. When Uncle Sam give me a break, I'll be able to come chill with the frat!! 

SPR '96
13 inches long!!!

vicklocsta Email
April 11, 2011


whats up bros Just got this info from moo moo. I'm going to keep in touch.

Keith Varnado " Big Daddy " Email
April 8, 2011

HEY CREW!!!!! What's up Fam just want to let y'all boys know that the site is a good look keep it coming Fam

pick the click 
April 8, 2011


15 strong pimps of pleasure and the frat bros of the black and gray MFWC whats up love the site

March 10, 2011


10 hells of darkness

Dexter ( Captain Hook ) Mann Email
Jan 25, 2011


Heeey Creeew good to see the activity, wishing all well stay up !!!!!

Donita Sing (First Family) Email
Jan 22, 2011


Good Job Brad.    Just stoppin by to say hello and that I think the site looks great.  Kudos to you!

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